The Aid Transparency Index

Results of the 2018 Aid Transparency Index. Visit the website for further analysis and information.

The Aid Transparency Index is the only independent measure of aid transparency among the world’s major development agencies. It tracks and encourages progress, while holding donors to account for commitments they have made to open up their information.

In October 2016, we launched an in-depth methodology review and consultation. The entire process is covered in this range of blog posts. The 2018 Aid Transparency Index technical paper contains a full account of the scoring system and indicator definitions. The 2018 Aid Transparency Index guidelines contain an overview of the changes made since the last Index and what this may mean for donors.

This briefing note, Publishing High Quality Data: Guidance for Donors,  provides examples of donors’ publishing practices and highlights some of the learning from our research for the 2018 Aid Transparency Index. Our data collection processes are rigorous. They enable us to take on the role of data users, searching for relevant and up-to-date information. Although publishing practices are improving, and many donors scored well on the Index, there are still many instances of missing, irrelevant or unusable data.

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“We need to know the resources at our disposal as well as a sense of what worked or not. We need reliable and detailed information.”

Alimatou Zongo

Ministry of Economy and Finance, Burkina Faso, 2018