We envisage a world where aid and development information is transparent, available and used for effective decision-making, public accountability and lasting change for all citizens.



Our report is the only independent global measure of transparency among the world’s leading aid donors.


Jorge A. Matine, Centre for Public Integrity, Mozambique

Case study interview: Jorge A. Matine – Coordinator of the Public Finance programme, Centre for Public Integrity (CIP) Mozambique. 15th March 2018 Jorge works for the Centre for Public Integrity (CIP), a think tank and watchdog organisation in Mozambique that promotes...

Paola Palacios, Transparencia Mexicana

Case study interview: Paola Palacios – Programme Coordinator, Transparencia Mexicana (Transparency International Chapter in Mexico). 14th March 2018 Paola is currently trying to follow the money pledged after the earthquake that hit Mexico in September 2017. They want...

Winnie Kamau, Kenyan data journalist

Case study interview: Winnie Kamau, Kenyan data journalist. President of the Association of Freelance Journalists – Friday 9th March 2018 Winnie Kamau loves data. She is a Kenyan journalist who specialises in data visualisation, covering social, political and...


How To Use Open Aid Data 101 – Free Webinar

Do you know what aid and development data is available that could support your work? Do you know how and where to find the details of over one million aid and development activities? If you would like to know more about the data and tools available, sign up for one of...

Accessing Aid Information through the User’s Lens

This is a joint blog by Publish What You Fund Senior Advocacy Adviser James Coe, and US Representative Sally Paxton. In the aid transparency arena, one of the most frequently raised issues concerns data use. Why has there not been more uptake of data from the myriad...


How To Use Open Aid Data 101

5 & 7 December 2018
If you’ve ever wondered how to track where aid money is going, how it’s being used, or simply how much is being spent somewhere, then sign up for one of our free interactive webinars.

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