We envisage a world where aid and development information is transparent, available and used for effective decision-making, public accountability and lasting change for all citizens.

2018 Aid Transparency Index methodology

After an 8-month consultation period, the 2018 Index methodology is now available for donors to read and prepare for.

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An uneasy European consensus for development

CEO Rupert Simons attended the European Development Days, where the EU launched its new Consensus for Development


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Make Aid Transparent

Don’t know what aid transparency is or why it matters? Watch our short animation to find out.


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Major Aid Donors

Our advocacy efforts focus on donors that represent the majority of global development aid – read our asks here


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Our report is the only independent global measure of transparency among the world’s leading aid donors.

Why does aid transparency matter?

Find out why aid transparency matters and how you can get involved


The 2018 Aid Transparency Index methodology is here

The Aid Transparency Index is the only independent measure of aid transparency among the world’s major aid organisations. To date, it has contributed to raising 25% of global aid to a high enough standard to be useful and used by others. The Index continues to...

USAID can take transparency to the next level

USThis is a guest blog post by George Ingram, Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution and Chair of the Friends of Publish What You Fund. The original blog was posted on the Brookings site. It is an anxious time. The development community is fraught over a complex...


Grand Bargain annual meeting, 20th June

It is one-year since the Grand Bargain agreement was made at the World Humanitarian Summit. A key commitment from signatories was to increase the transparency of humanitarian assistance. Our Director of Advocacy Cathy Turner will be at the meeting in Geneva to hear what progress has been made.

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