We envisage a world where aid and development information is transparent, available and used for effective decision-making, public accountability and lasting change for all citizens.

New project: US Foreign Assistance

Our new project will measure the impact of changes to the US foreign assistance budget via open aid data

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With publication comes responsibility

We conducted research in Benin and Tanzania to find out more about what data is actually needed in partner countries.


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Etre véritablement transparent, c’est prendre ses responsabilités!

Pour lire le résumé en Français de notre nouvelle publication

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2018 Index: who and when?

Data collection for the 2018 Index will begin on 1st December 2018. Who’s included?


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Our report is the only independent global measure of transparency among the world’s leading aid donors.

Why does aid transparency matter?

Find out why aid transparency matters and how you can get involved


US Data on Foreign Assistance: What to know and what to use

This blog is by Sally Paxton, US Representative and James Coe, Senior Advocacy Advisor We have recently launched a new project which will combine open aid data with in-country research to assess the impact of potential changes to the US foreign assistance budget. Our...

Better to be open about aid than fiddle the figures

Publish What You Fund gives a cautious welcome to agreement on foreign aid reform, but urges greater transparency so that aid can make a bigger difference The OECD’s Development Assistance Committee (OECD-DAC) met this week in Paris to consider reforms to how foreign...


Open Contracting 2017

28th – 29th November
CEO Rupert Simons will be attending the Open Contracting conference in Amsterdam. The conference will explore how to build on the success of open contracting to date and continue to make it better for everyone.

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