Today, UN Women became the 100th publisher to the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI). 

David Hall-Matthews, Director of Publish What You Fund, said:

“This is encouraging news. We are impressed by the number of agencies and NGOs who are now publishing their information to IATI, alongside major donors such as the World Bank and DFID. IATI is the most useful format for publication, because it makes aid information comparable.

“However, there are several large donors who should be publishing too, as per their 2008 commitment to IATI – notably Denmark, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand, Norway and Switzerland. As the 2012 Aid Transparency Index shows, there continues to be too little readily available information about aid, undermining the efforts of those who both give and receive it.”

Since its launch in 2008 at the Accra High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness, more than 35 aid donors have signed up to IATI, indicating their commitment to aid transparency.

IATI seeks to address development data demands by working with donors and implementing partners. It aims to make information available in a consistent, comparable and coordinated way; facilitating informed decision-making on aid.

Secretary of State for UK International Development Justine Greening said:

“Congratulations must go to the 35 IATI signatories and 100 publishers to date. The IATI family has shown that when organisations commit to being more open and accountable, they become more than the sum of their parts.

“But there is still much more to do – both in terms of increasing the number of publishers and improving data quality. I urge all organisations, big or small, to publish their information to IATI. Only then can development activities be truly effective, efficient and accountable.”

Users of information should be able to access information when and where they need it, whether they are citizens of countries receiving aid, donors managing aid budgets, governments, parliamentarians or civil society organisations.

A full list of publishers can be seen in the IATI Registry.