About Us

We envisage a world where aid and development information is transparentavailable and used for effective decision-making, public accountability and lasting change for all citizens.

Publish What You Fund combines robust research and technical expertise with targeted advocacy in order to achieve our goals.

To realise our vision and mission, our strategic pillars underpin the aims of the wider aid transparency movement to make the delivery of high-quality, timely, accessible and usable aid and development finance data a reality. Only then can data be truly transformative and used as an essential tool to effect lasting and significant positive development outcomes, as well as make a vital contribution to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030.

  1. Fulfilling the promise: Collaborating to ensure that data is used to contribute to improved development outcomes and achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  2. Opening up new frontiers: Making all aid and development finance data transparent and available.
  3. Raising the bar: Strengthening and extending our research, advocacy and technical expertise to improve the usability of aid and development finance information.


You can download our three-year strategy (2018-2021) here and see a summary here.

For an introduction to our aims, work and future plans you can download this short briefing.

We also believe in strength in numbers, and so work with a range of excellent partners to achieve our goals. We are active participants in the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) and concluded a two-year term on its board in March 2018, after holding one of two civil society seats.

We are a champion of the Global Partnership on Sustainable Development Data (GPSDD). We have been involved in the Open Government Partnership (OGP) process and continue to monitor the existing OGP National Action Plans, which set out commitments to advance transparency, accountability and participation.

Recent project work has seen us expanding our range of contacts and networks in partner countries, most recently in Cambodia, Nicaragua, Liberia and Senegal.

Publish What You Fund’s head office is in London. We also maintain representation in Washington DC, where our work is supported by Friends of Publish What You Fund.

Publish What You Fund’s annual assessment is a very powerful driver for improving reporting on aid transparency…you [Publish What You Fund] really motivated us to work very hard…we’ve seen [the Index] as a huge incentive to work to excel.

– Helen Clark, 

Administrator, UNDP, 2016 Index launch

– Helen Clark,

Administrator, UNDP, 2016 Index launch

Why transparency matters

Take a look at our reasons why it matters to donors, partner countries and civil society