Publish What You Fund hopes that the MDG Summit in New York  points to improved integration of aid transparency in its strategy for achieving the goals. Some resources relating to aid transparency in the MDGs are collected below, and our analysis of the U.S. MDG Strategy can be read here.

In the week prior to the Summit, the MDG Gap Task Force released a report which emphasized the importance of "improving aid transparency and delivering on the commitments regarding predictability, transparency and conditionality". 

Publish What You Fund were involved in finalising the 10th August letter to UN Ambassadors Staur and Badji urging them to integrate transparency and the free flow of information into the final MDG outcome document, as led by ARTICLE 19, here. The latest draft outcome document states that "all countries require adequate, timely, reliable and disaggregated data, including demographic data, in order to design better programmes and policies for sustainable development."

In addition, OMB Watch urged President Obama to commit to transparency at the MDG summit, and to implement other aid transparency measures elsewhere. Lastly, the International Budget Partnership urged UN Secretary Ban Ki Moon to act on the necessity of budget transparency for MDG efforts.