Your chance to provide feedback on the methodology of the Aid Transparency Index

Since October 2016, Publish What You Fund has been working with peer reviewers and a selected number of experts and independent partners across the globe to design an updated proposal for the methodology of the Aid Transparency Index. We want this to be a collective effort, so we are now opening up the discussion and welcoming feedback from all interested parties. The consultation is open until January 3rd 2017.

Our proposal and details of the changes to the existing methodology are available in the Methodology Review consultation document.

These guidelines are divided into five parts, in line with the proposed modifications to the methodology:

  1. We are proposing to change the categories of the Index to reflect how aid transparency is understood by data users. This is primarily a change in presentation and will not affect Index scores.
  2. We are proposing minor changes to the indicators being assessed in order to ensure that the list of indicators remains relevant and comprehensive.
  3. We are proposing to change the weighting attached to specific indicators, to reflect the priorities identified by data users. The overall effect is to reduce the weight placed on organisational commitments and planning, and increase the weight placed on finance and budgets, local level monitoring, joining-up data and performance.
  4. We are proposing to change the scoring system to introduce two minimum thresholds for IATI publication.
  5. We are consulting on additional areas where we are not currently proposing changes to the methodology but are inviting comments. This includes issues like data use and sampling.

We invite feedback from all interested parties on our proposal via this online form or you can email Specific responses to the questions outlined in the form as well as feedback and suggestions for the Aid Transparency Index in general are very welcome.

Overall questions on the Index are addressed here:

If you have additional questions and would like to engage directly with us on the proposal, members of staff from Publish What You Fund will be available in person for discussions at the GPEDC meeting in Nairobi from November 28 to December 1, and the OGP Summit in Paris from December 7 – 9.

Aside from these meetings, calls can also be arranged on demand, with discussions in English or French. The team will make sure to get back to you as soon as possible.

We look forward to hearing from you.