Six Ideas to Increase the Use of Global Aid Transparency Data

As Publish What You Fund and others in the aid transparency community turn their energies toward improving data use, Ruth Levine and Joseph Asunka of the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation present six practical ideas that could speed up progress. These ideas could go a long way to increase the use of data by government officials, and the organisations and citizens working to hold their government officials accountable for results.

Can You Measure What You Can’t See?

Next week is Private Finance for Sustainable Development Week – an annual OECD event that brings together the public and private sector to discuss new approaches in using private finance to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. Naturally the role of Development Finance Institutions (DFIs) will be included in these discussions by virtue of the financial muscle they bring to the table. And as part of our ongoing work on DFI Transparency we’ll be there.
In this blog we question the value of increasing the focus on impact measurement if development objectives, results and lessons learned are not transparent.

A Year in Blogs – Publish What You Fund in 2018

It’s been a busy year at Publish What You Fund. As is traditional at this time of year, we’ve been reflecting on what we’ve achieved and what we need to do next. Here’s our quick roundup of what the team has been up to – from the influential Aid Transparency Index, and on the ground research into aid flows in Liberia and Cambodia, to developing new tools to increase access to aid and development data.

Our Three TAG Takeaways

Last week more than 150 aid transparency professionals met in Kathmandu at the IATI Technical Advisory Group meeting. Traditionally this meeting was a space for discussing the more technical aspects of the underlying infrastructure that supports the global aid...

DFI Transparency-getting into the detail

“Transparency matters. It helps ensure that government money is being used fairly and efficiently, not for private gain at public expense. And it reassures citizens and the private sector alike that this is the case. Development finance is too scarce and too valuable...

Our Top Four Takeaways from the UN World Data Forum

This past week, I was lucky enough to attend the United Nations World Data Forum in Dubai. While this is only the second World Data Forum to be held, the first in Cape Town in 2017, the importance of good quality, open data to the success of the Sustainable...