A midterm evaluation. The other midterm, that is.

If you follow U.S. politics or even if you’ve managed to stay away from it, you may have heard the…

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Reflections on the Annual GPEDC Workshop in Seoul, Korea

Last week well over 100 participants convened in Seoul for the Annual Workshop of the Global Partnership for Effective Development…

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IAEG report: what we asked for versus what we’ve seen so far

The UN Secretary General’s Independent Expert Advisory Group  (IEAG) on the Data Revolution plans to launch its final report tomorrow (6…

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PEFA is changing and donors are being let off the hook.

Consultations on the revised framework for Public Expenditure and Financial Accountability (PEFA) ended last Friday. For those unfamiliar with PEFA,…

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Aid traceability is a worthy goal, but it will take some time

Guest post by Ben Taylor, Twaweza

“We will require organisations receiving and managing funds from DFID to release open data on how…

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The need, and the opportunity, for research to inform the data revolution debate

A few weeks ago, in the midst of all the Aid Transparency Index excitement, I participated in an event hosted…

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PEPFAR’s progress shows transparency goals are achievable

Last week, I attended the launch of Publish What You Fund’s 2014 Aid Transparency Index (ATI) at the Center for Global…

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The “ugly” of Aid Transparency? Information Systems

Guest post by Doug Hadden, FreeBalance

[View the story “The “ugly” of Aid Transparency? Information Systems” on Storify]

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Why Interaction is publishing to IATI

On Wednesday, Publish What You Fund (PWYF) will launch its 2014 Aid Transparency Index, which ranks donors according to the…

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The Aid Transparency Index & the Post-2015 Agenda

We are on the final count down to the 2014 Aid Transparency Index (ATI) results being revealed. I wish our…

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