Tonight on BBC Panorama, the Global Fund – one of the biggest providers of international aid to fight malaria, AIDs and tuberculosis – faces serious questions about its spending.

A leaked report shows alleged corruption – involving tens of thousands of dollars – was discovered by investigators working for the Fund. But according to the BBC, the report was subsequently ‘watered-down’.

David Hall-Matthews, Director of Publish What You Fund, said:

“This story only underlines the importance of foreign aid transparency. Taxpayers cannot feel confident about where their money is being spent until they are able to properly track it, and the full potential of aid cannot be realised until it is open and accountable.

“Only when all donors – including the Global Fund, the UK Government – and contractors make their spending fully transparent, can we follow the money and ensure that aid gets to where it is supposed to go.”

In 10 years, the Global Fund spent £13.5bn and saved millions of lives. The UK government also recently announced it was giving the Global Fund £1bn.

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