We recently completed a series of webinars on using open aid data. If you missed them, or if you just want to go back and re-watch some parts for practice, we’ve now uploaded a recording for you to watch! 





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In order to follow along with these webinars, we would recommend downloading the following resource:

-OECD-DAC: Sample Spreadsheet


Slides used during the presentation


IATI quiz

In the last decade, the world has seen incredible momentum gather behind the idea of aid transparency. The International Aid Transparency Initiative Registry contains data from over 800 publishers, including almost every major aid donor. It includes data on donor budgets, how and where they are operating and links to key strategic documents or fact sheets. The OECD-DAC has a wealth of reliable information on aid flows from most major development donors, as well as detailed statistics on where money is going in the recipient country. Other organisations including the World Bank, as well as recipient and donor governments have set up their own aid finance portals. When combined, these resources can help paint a comprehensive picture of what is happening in a particular country.

However, at Publish What You Fund, we have consistently heard that the biggest barrier to using this data has been a lack of understanding of where to look, or what tools are available. One of our core principles is to create a world where those who need it can easily access usable aid data. Therefore, we’ve developed two interactive webinars on how to make the best use of international aid data. In these webinars we’ll be covering a variety of tools which can be used to access open aid data, and go into detail on the use of IATI, OECD-DAC and World Bank portal data. There will be a question and answer period, where participants will be free to ask questions to Publish What You Fund experts.

These webinars are open to everyone whose interested, and for any knowledge level. If you’ve ever wondered how to track where aid money is going, how it’s being used, or simply how much is being spent somewhere, then this is the webinar for you! 

At the end of the session, you should have a good basic knowledge of what resources are available, what they can be used for, and how to access and interpret important information from their databases. 

Publish What You Fund is a leading expert in aid data and data transparency. We have over ten years of experience working closely with data teams from IATI, OECD-DAC, the UN, and country governments. Our Aid Transparency Index is an internationally recognized authority on the state of aid transparency and is used around the world by donors looking to increase their accountability.