Major Donors: Germany


Aid Transparency Analysis for Germany

UPDATE: For 2013 Aid Transparency Index scores, please see here.

The 2011 Pilot Index and the 2012 Index assess the aid transparency of two German aid organisations — the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) and the KfW Bankengruppe, Germany’s main development finance institution. In recognition of the important policy-setting role played by the Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (Bundesministerium für Wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung — BMZ), the surveys for GIZ and KfW both included information found on the BMZ website. BMZ has specific responsibility for publishing some of the information surveyed, particularly at the organisation and country levels.

Germany is a founding signatory to IATI but has yet to produce an implementation schedule. This is currently being drafted, alongside the development of a new data management system. Germany has not joined OGP.

GIZ performed moderately, ranking 39th and scoring just over the overall average score. It scores below average at both the country and activity levels, though it performs well at the organisation level, where it ranks 19th overall. GIZ’s increased score is almost entirely due to its performance on newly added indicators; it performed very consistently with the 2011 score when controlling for methodological changes, suggesting limited new activity. Most information can be found in a database that publishes basic information for all projects in both English and German, but no financial data is provided — not even the overall financial cost for individual activities. It is also difficult to find and interpret aggregate data.

Germany should produce an implementation schedule by December 2012 that sets out an ambitious timetable. GIZ should work with BMZ to begin publishing their aid information to the IATI Registry in 2013, with the goal of full and automated publication by 2015. Germany should also consider joining OGP.