Major Donors: World Bank


Aid Transparency Analysis for World Bank

UPDATE: For 2013 Aid Transparency Index scores, please see here.

The World Bank is a founding IATI signatory and began publishing to the IATI Registry in May 2011. It is currently refreshing its publication twice-yearly, with quarterly publication expected after automation. Financial transactions are aggregated for each quarter, and none of the project documents or geo-coding from other internal World Bank transparency initiatives are currently included in the IATI data feed. It has a series of internal transparency initiatives, including Mapping for Results, World Bank Finances and the overarching Open Data Initiative. It also supports the Open Aid Partnership.

The World Bank performed very well, coming 2nd in the overall ranking and scoring 87.9%, moving it from the fair to good category. When controlling for changes to the 2012 methodology, IDA/IBRD had a modest increase on their 2011 score, which ranked first in the 2011 Index. IDA/IBRD was surpassed by DFID because of DFID’s significant improvement from the 2011 Index, though it is notable that IDA/IBRD and DFID tied 1st amongst all donors at the country level. IDA/IBRD also posted the highest score of all donors at the activity level. Most project information is available on their IATI dataset and their comprehensive, geo-coded project database.

The World Bank should continue to champion aid transparency both globally and internally. It should work towards automated publication to allow it to publish at least quarterly but preferably every month. It should ensure that all of its transparency initiatives are available in its IATI feed and should begin to publish disaggregated transaction data and conditions. The World Bank should also pilot the forthcoming IATI budget identifier and work with its trust funds and the IFC on their IATI implementation.