Do you know there is a wealth of past, present and future donor budgets, and a library of strategic documents within the IATI organisation file data? And do you know how to access them?

If you are skilled in reading XML and interrogating raw data in the IATI Registry then perhaps the answer is yes. But if not, getting hold of budget and strategy documents is a challenge.

That is why we’re working on a solution. Read our latest blog to discover how our new tool will help data users to quickly and easily see this valuable information.

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Over the summer we’ve been reflecting on the insights we gained during the production of this year’s Aid Transparency Index. In a recent blog, we highlight the severe gaps that exist in performance related information. Find out why assessing whether an activity met its objectives proved to be a particular challenge. And why this is a key issue for aid transparency. The blog is the second of a two-part blog series, full of useful tips for data publishers.

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Finally, we wanted to share the latest podcast from The Brookings Institution. Senior Fellow George Ingram discusses the Trump administration’s attempts to cut foreign assistance funding without congressional approval and how it could hurt US international interests. He mentions our recent research on the potential impacts of cuts to US Foreign Assistance; our findings highlight how the cuts could risk stability and undermine achievements made to date.

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