Aid Transparency Tracker

An online platform, the Aid Transparency Tracker, is used to collect and share the data included in the Aid Transparency Index. The Tracker is used to monitor progress by organisations in making their aid information more transparent. It includes three components:

  • An automated data quality assessment tool, which assesses the quality of data being published to the IATI Registry.
  • An online survey tool, which assesses aid information published by organisations, in formats other than IATI XML, based on survey data collected manually for the Index.
  • An implementation schedules tool, which assesses all IATI/common standard schedules published to date by organisations. This is part of their commitment to publish aid information to a common standard by the end of 2015.

The Tracker highlights what information donor organisations have committed to publish in their implementation schedules, as well as what they are currently publishing. While the analysis from all three tools feeds into the Index, the implementation schedules tool and the data quality tool are designed to be ‘living tools’. These continue to monitor and reflect changes in organisations’ plans or publication beyond period assessment processes.

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tracker image


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