Initiative for Open Ag Funding

The Initiative for Open Ag Funding is supporting donors to publish specific information that will allow a clearer and more reliable picture of agricultural investments worldwide. This will ensure that the billions of dollars invested in agriculture each year reach their full potential.

Investments in agriculture are critical to improving food security and nutrition, and to reducing poverty. In order to make the most effective investment decisions, organisations must have access to timely, comprehensive, and comparable information from across the sector. For example, knowing what crops or value chains are already present in a certain district or region allows organisations to invest in other crops or regions for greater impact. It also helps find areas for collaboration with existing programmes.

At the moment, this information is either unavailable, poor quality or not comparable due to differing data or coding standards. Without this data, organisations struggle to identify where their resources can make the most difference. They miss opportunities for collaboration, duplicate efforts or even replicate unsuccessful programme approaches.

The proposal document outlines the key agricultural activity fields that we recommend donors publish information on. These have been identified after a range of consultations and workshops with donors, non-profit organisations, implementing partners and other development actors operating in the agricultural sector.

The Initiative for Open Ag Funding is now working directly with donor organisations to improve how they capture and publish this agricultural investment data. We are also exploring potential technical solutions to better capture and publish data, as well as encourage greater use.

This project runs from February 2016 to December 2017



James Coe

James Coe

Senior Advocacy Advisor

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