The Index: Transparency tools

Our technical team has developed online tools, in order to support donors to publish their aid and development information ahead of each Aid Transparency Index assessment.

Aid Transparency Tracker

TrackerThe Aid Transparency Tracker is an online data collection platform that provides the main, underlying dataset for the Aid Transparency Index. The Tracker includes three separate data collection tools:

  • An automated data quality assessment tool (for indicators where comparable and timely data is available via IATI).
  • A survey (for indicators where comparable and timely data is not currently available).
  • An implementation schedules’ analysis tool.


Data Quality Tester

The free to use Data Quality Tester allows organisations to test the quality of their data before publishing to IATI. This self-assessment tool applies a series of tests to a data set based on the Aid Transparency Index methodology and identifies areas where data quality is lacking. We expect it to be most useful for:

  • Donors who are included in the Index to monitor their own progress both during and outside of the Index cycle
  • Organisations who want to start publishing in the IATI Standard
  • Those that do not qualify for inclusion in the Index based on our criteria
  • Donors who used to be assessed but are not currently



Andy Lulham

Andy Lulham

Aid Information Advisor

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