7 ways to use IATI data

‘So… how can you use IATI data?’

This has to be one of the most frequent-frequently asked questions we get here at Publish What You Fund. And it is certainly the one we are always trying to find more answers to.

We know that IATI is only as good as the data donors publish to it – and that data is only as good as the way it is used. So the more uses for IATI data the better!

Which is why I was particularly excited to see the recent blog post by Pelle Aardema at Open for Change, listing seven uses for IATI data in a remarkably simple way. Check out his presentation slides below, or visit his blog.

And if you can think of any more uses for IATI data, please let us know – as I said, we’re always looking for more!

Katie Welford

Katie is the Communications Officer at Publish What You Fund. You can reach her at katie@publishwhatyoufund.org.
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