The Busan common standard


In early 2012, the OECD DAC Working Party on Development Finance Statistics (WP-STAT) and the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) developed a framework for the common standard for publishing aid information. This framework built upon the commitments donors made at the 4th High Level Forum on  Aid Effectiveness (HLF-4) in Busan and was finally agreed by all participants in June 2012.

The approach

The common standard sets out good practice in reporting and publishing data.  It combines three complementary systems and processes: the DAC’s Creditor Reporting System (CRS) and the Forward Spending Survey (FSS) – two reporting instruments of the OECD with comprehensive statistical information – plus IATI.

The common standard enables and encourages providers of development co‑operation to make aid information more transparent along four dimensions:

  1. Greater availability of historical, current and future information on aid flows;
  2. More detailed information on aid projects and programmes (improved comprehensiveness);
  3. Broader coverage and participation (beyond ODA, and beyond traditional donors); and
  4. Improved timeliness and more frequent updates of development financing information.

The way forward

WP-STAT and IATI have developed a template to help the development community publish implementation schedules, by the end of 2012. These detailed schedules will explain how each donor will improve its transparency by implementing the common standard by the end of 2015.

A communication note on the common standard can be found here.

Recognising the voluntary approach taken to HLF-4 commitments by South-South Cooperation partners, IATI and WP-STAT members propose to use the Global Partnership as a forum to consult these partners and see whether they may consider publishing some elements in the future.

The Global Partnership will have a key role to play in shaping the further development and implementation of the transparency agenda. Its support team will monitor progress using an indicator that is being developed.


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