Commitments weakened in fifth draft of Busan Outcome Document

The fifth draft of the Busan Outcome Document, released today, 23 November, shows a weakened commitment to aid transparency.

The redrafting of the transparency section (22) is disappointing, as newer language has diluted and confused important elements. However, we recognise that this is a compromise. Having consulted widely on this today, there is consensus that it is potentially risky to suggest re-opening the whole paragraph. There is a chance it could be further watered down if the section is subject to further discussion.

Therefore, the position we now propose is: we welcome the inclusion of transparency as a core principle and we will accept paragraph 22 but this is the absolute minimum we will accept.

However, should the discussion be reopened and there is a redrafting of paragraph 22c, the following areas should be addressed:

  • remove “and others” after IATI. [This is confusing and there are no other common, open standards.]
  • remove “with the aim of” before “implementing it fully by December 2015.”

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