Aid Transparency in the National Security Strategy

The U.S. National Security Strategy was released yesterday by the White House. The document demonstrates an awareness of the need for transparency both domestically and in foreign assistance.

Under ‘Values’ in the chapter, ‘Advancing Our Interests’:
p. 36 – Balance the Imperatives of Secrecy and Transparency:
‘Our democracy depends upon transparency, and whenever possible, we are making information available to the American people so that they can make informed judgments and hold their leaders accountable.’
p. 38 – Promote Democracy and Human Rights Abroad:
‘We will institutionalize transparent practices in international aid flows […] to make it harder for officials to steal and to strengthen the efforts of citizens to hold their governments accountable.’
p. 39 – Marshalling New Technologies and Promoting the Right to Access Information:
‘We support the dissemination and use of these technologies to facilitate freedom of expression, expand access to information, increase governmental transparency and accountability.’

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