Aid Transparency in ONE’s Agriculture Accountability Report

International development campaign group ONE this week launched their Agriculture Accountability Report which provides a “principle-by-principle and country-by-country assessment of progress against both financial and non-financial AFSI pledges, focusing on the G7 and the European Commission (EC).”

Key recommendations include “improvement of transparency and accountability of delivering on promises by agreeing to a unified and consistent reporting standard” (ibid).

The report also states that “the Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAAPD) […] is actually a significant shift in donor transparency and, potentially, effectiveness. This is the first time that donors have committed to identifying how they plan to spend aid dollars, in terms of investment sectors (e.g. farming versus storage) and the target population in which they tend to invest.” P. 12 Agriculture Accountability Report

This is also the aim of the International Aid Transparency Initiative which aims to bring this clarity and transparent, forward-looking dissagregation of aid flows across all aid spending. As the report goes on to say; “[transparency] is key to making aid predictable for implementers and recipients and allowing civil society to hold donors accountable to their promises, both of which are extremely important to improving agricultural aid effectiveness as well as successfully ending poverty and chronic hunger.” P.15 (ibid)

Read the full report.

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