AidData launched!

The much anticipated AidData database was launched yesterday at a conference in Oxford. The project will be the largest of its kind, tracking donor aid flows and spotlighting funds from 36 under-reported countries, including Chile, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. AidData was developed by Project-Level Aid, which is a collaboration of the College of William and Mary, Brigham Young University, and Development Gateway, after researchers found aid information insufficient for evaluating trends in flows or effectiveness.

AidData will improve aid transparency dramatically. It increases the amount of aid being tracked from US$2.3 trillion (through the OECD) to US$4 trillion. There is increased breadth and depth of data available, with aid from smaller donors as well as detail on individual aid projects being published. Added to this, (and something we are working on at Publish What You Fund) the site includes tools which allow users to analyse the data, thus making aid information accessible and comparable – a brilliant example of the change we hope to see continue.

To read more, click here.

To see how Publish What You Fund are exploring tools for analysis of aid information, click here.

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