AidWatch and ONE reports question EU aid

The AidWatch 2012 Report and ONE Data Report were launched together today in London, detailing concerns about the quantity and quality of aid being spent by the European Union.

Commenting on the reports, Publish What You Fund’s David Hall-Matthews said:

“It is disappointing that both of these reports found European aid levels have reached a historic low, while more than €7 billion spent in 2011 was not genuine aid.  Once again, this proves again how important it is for donors to make their aid transparent, to show taxpayers exactly how and where this money can make a difference.

“Many countries mentioned have signed up to the International Aid Transparency Initiative and publish information on their spending. For those states which remain uncommitted, such as France, we encourage them to publish their aid data in line with the commitments made in Busan at the end of last year. ”

The AidWatch report is written by European development NGOs to monitor official governmental reporting on aid levels, while the ONE report assesses Europe’s progress in keeping its promises for aid increases and aid effectiveness.

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