AidWatch special report

Progress has been made on EU aid transparency, but member states still lag behind non-member states, says the AidWatch report released today.

Released by Concord, the European NGO confederation for relief and development, the AidWatch Special Report 2012 assesses the process of the Busan Partnership Agreement and the quality of EU aid.

David Hall-Matthews, Director of Publish What You Fund, said:

“These findings draw on our Aid Transparency Index, concluding that there has been a significant improvement in aid transparency by the European Commission’s main aid department. With some notable exceptions, the performance of many EU member states is very disappointing.

“We are encouraged by Commissioner Piebalgs continued public commitment to increasing transparency. We are pleased that his department, DG-DEVCO, is working to support other EC departments managing the EU’s external assistance budget to improve the transparency of their assistance, in line with the common standard for aid information.”

Read the rest of the AidWatch Special Report 2012.

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