Andrew Mitchell steps up UK commitment to aid transparency

Andrew Mitchell, UK Secretary of State for International Development, has sent an enthusiastic response to our letter which followed-up from the 7th July IATI meeting.

Expressing his support and optimism for the implementation of IATI phase 1 and beyond, he says DFID will “aim to go beyond the agreed timeframe […] publishing documentation for new projects from January 2011.” The letter shows that we can expect UK leadership of IATI: “We will be very pleased to share our experiences with other donors as you suggest, and will encourage them to follow our lead as rapidly as possible.”

This commitment to improving aid transparency is also evidenced by the recent uncovering of the “Implementing the UK Aid Transparency Guarantee workspace” which DFID has asked members of the international development community to engage with.

See all letters to IATI signatories, and responses as they come in here.

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