Bread for the World calls for accountable and transparent aid

Bread for the World calls for ‘accountable, transparent, predictable and better coordinated aid’ in Haiti’s reconstruction. The article by David Beckmann (also co-chair of the Modernizing Foreign Assistance Network) in the Miami Herald yesterday (5th May) brings attention to the need for a ‘new foreign assistance framework […] to make sure aid is reaching the Haitian people and is delivered with greater efficiency.’

To make the most of generous donations the US$9.9 billion pledged to Haitian reconstruction should be delivered in full. However, the nature of delivery of aid is also of paramount importance. Donor efforts must facilitate capacity building and ownership and focus on coordination and long-term development.
Transparency of aid information is essential in ensuring that money donated to Haiti is used to best effect, restoring the citizens’ trust in their government’s integrity, and reconstructing an efficient and accountable infrastructure in a nation that has struggled so long without.
Learn more in the Miami Herald.

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