CABRI Position on Aid Transparency released

The Collaborative Africa Budget Reform Initiative (CABRI) has recently released a position paper setting out what CABRI sees as sufficient levels of aid transparency in order for aid to work better in African countries. The paper considers aid transparency as ‘…an indispensible pillar for the achievement of sustainable development in Africa’, highlighting its relevance for meeting international commitments on country ownership and the alignment of aid to country priorities.

Although donors made specific commitments to publicly disclose ‘regular, detailed and timely information’ in the Accra Agenda for Action, there was no definition given for what this would mean in practice or what would count as strengthened processes. The paper aims to provide this detail, including a set of minimum requirements that donors need to meet and calling for a clear set of rules for country governments to follow.

CABRI is committed to developing a collective voice on these issues in international forums, including at the fourth High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness (HLF–4) being held in November this year.

CABRI is a professional network supporting senior budget officials. Started in 2004, it now represents 37 African  countries.

Summary of CABRI Statement on Aid Transparency

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