Obama and Cameron show commitment to aid transparency

In a statement issued by the White House and Number 10 Downing Street today, President Obama and UK Prime Minister David Cameron set out their priorities for the U.S. – UK partnership for Global Development.

They state the importance of aid transparency and note the significance of the High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness in Busan at the end of the year, towards which Publish What You Fund will be working to ensure donors meet and reaffirm their commitments to aid transparency.

Aid Effectiveness – Accountability, Transparency and Results

The United States and the United Kingdom believe the quantity of our aid must be seen as equal in importance to its quality and we must be open, transparent and accountable in how we are spending our taxpayers’ money. Together, we have put in place mechanisms such as the UK Aid Transparency Guarantee and the U.S. Foreign Assistance Dashboard so the public – both at home and abroad – are able to access clear, comparable information about our aid programs.  In so doing, we will help individuals understand the results being achieved, provide developing countries a stronger voice, and encourage other donors to follow our lead. We will ensure that the Fourth High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness in November 2011 transforms the way bilateral aid is delivered around the world and we will continue to work together to strengthen multilateral organisations.”
From  “The U.S.-UK Partnership for Global Development”

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