Data can inform public policy

An interesting article in The Economist argues that we must confront ‘The Data Deluge’ head-on. 

Currently the volume of data produced increases exponentially year after year. The article argues that we must maximise its potential for positive change by ‘making the right choices about when to restrict the flow of data, and when to encourage it’. This will open up new business opportunities and allow the public to ‘hold elected officials to account’.
More importantly from a Publish What You Fund perspective, this wealth of available information has the power to shift public perception and public policy. Comprehensive and accessible information has the power to both increase aid effectiveness and public awareness of the processes and achievements of aid.
Our task is both to encourage full disclosure of aid information from donors and recipients, and to make use of the ‘deluge’ so that data will further inform and not overwhelm.
Visit the Aid Information Challenge website to see how we will be exploring what we can do with aid data.
To read the article click here.

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