Dr. Shah delivers exciting speech on USAID’s next steps

Dr. Rajiv Shah, Administrator of USAID, gave a town hall speech yesterday at the US Global Leadership Coalition. Later described as a "meat and potatoes" speech, Dr. Shah’s words resonated with the audience long after the event. Consequently, the Senate Foreign Relations committee issued a support statement highlighting the creation of a policy bureau within USAID which would closely mirror the Kerry-Lugar Foreign Assistance Revitalization and Accountability Act (S.1524) voted out of committee last year.

Dr. Shah repeatedly highlighted the importance of transparency within USAID to deliver on its mission and regain trust from the American people.

When asked by Liz Schrayer, USGLC’s Executive Director, what would USAID look like a year from now, Dr. Shah said: "You should expect extreme transparency. You should be able to get online and see what we are doing and how we’re doing it."

To watch the event click here

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