E-ProMIS technology increases transparency in Kenya

Good progress has been made by the Kenyan Government towards transparency requirements detailed by the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness. The Ministry of Finance and Treasury in Kenya have implemented training for an Electronic Projects Monitoring System (e-ProMIS) across the 42 government ministries. E-ProMIS is a system which will allow all departments to monitor and evaluate government and donor funded development programs and projects.

This system will promote accountability and transparency by making all information on aid flows accessible online to all. It will also provide the government with essential, timely information on the progress and success of projects happening. This will allow for evaluation, policy making, and the compiling of reports for future project funding.

So far this technology has been implemented in 25 governments, each time customised to meet specific needs. This will enable transparency of information like never before; donors and governments will be informed and can jointly monitor developmental efforts in the country, which will inevitably lead to increased effectiveness of aid.

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