El Pais article on the behaviour of politicians in aid donor conferences: 'Cómo hacerse la foto y salir corriendo' or 'How to take the photo and run away'

"En las grandes cumbres de donantes algunos gobernantes hacen sonoras promesas de ayuda a países necesitados, que luego incumplen – Faltan controles para frenar el ‘marketing solidario’."

The paragraph mentioning Publish What You Fund translates as: ‘The confusion and lack of transparency about official development aid is strongly related to cases of corruption, which is why the initiative ´Publish What You Fund’ of Access Info is advocating for simpler, more easily understandable and accessible public information on aid  in order to be able to track up to the last eurocent the money spent on cooperation. “If a citizen wants to know the cost and state of an aid project in a village in Peru, detailed information should be within their reach on the internet´ stated Eva Moraga, lawyer of Access Info.

Click here to access the article.

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