G8 summit: US to publish ‘accountability report’

The US is to publish an ‘accountability report’ detailing how the $22bn aid funds pledged by the G8 at L’Aquila has been raised and how much has been spent.

According to the Guardian, White House officials disclosed the intention to publish the report ahead of President Obama’s speech today to mark the start of G8 Summit.

In response, Publish What You Fund’s Karin Christiansen said:

‘While we welcome the US commitment to aid transparency, it is important the accountability report tracks funding in line with the agreed international standard.

‘Now that the US is signed up to the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI), they need to make sure the aid information they release is up to scratch.’

President Obama will also announce at least $3bn in private sector funding to tackle hunger in developing countries, mainly in Africa. Oxfam and other aid agencies this week put out statements expressing concern about how much the private sector can achieve.

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