'A Guide to Donors': A great resource

An incredible resource for aid information – ‘A Guide to Donors’ has been compiled by the snappily-named Heavily Indebted Poor Countries Capacity Building Programme (in which Debt Relief International are a key player). The Guide provides a very welcome set of 48 comparable and comprehensive ‘donor profiles’. A great tool for transparency of donors, as well an excellent guide for everyone who might possibly be confused about how GTZ relates to KFW and BMZ (see Germany profile), or CDF, from your PRS and PRSC, the DSA from the CPIA (see World Bank profile).

The Guide to Donors systematically includes: aid quantity and pledges; institutions and structures; key policies and legislation; country allocation criteria and performance;  concessionality; types of assistance; channels of assistance; sector allocations; flexibility; predictability; conditionality; disbursement methods and procedures; procurement procedures; and participation in coordination and alignment initiatives.
To go to the Guide, click here.

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