Hillary Clinton in Africa: emphasis on aid transparency

Hillary Clinton has made strong calls for aid transparency with her visit to Africa this August. The Secretary of State’s 11-day tour emphasised the importance of US aid reform and her addresses around Africa have resonated the need for aid transparency and accountability from both donor and recipient countries.

In an address at the AGOA Forum in Nairobi, Kenya, Secretary Clinton discussed new approaches towards effective development, saying: “We will focus on country-driven solutions that give responsible governments more information, capacity, and control as they tailor strategies to meet their needs.”

Similarly, in an interview in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Hillary Clinton called for “a different development model”, saying that “there has to be a guarantee of better governance, of no impunity, of accountability and transparency”.

Secretary Clinton’s visit to Africa has highlighted the Obama administration’s commitment to making Africa a priority in U.S. foreign policy and particularly stressed the need for aid reform.

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