IATI standard support site launched

Today sees the launch of the IATI Standard support site. This eagerly awaited site complements the IATI Standard website, offering users the chance to ask the IATI community questions.

If you haven’t already heard about the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI), or the standard, you can catch up here.

According to Aidinfo, there has already been a surge of interest in the support site, which enables you to ask questions on any aspect of publishing to IATI or using IATI-formatted data. You can also offer suggestions for improving the standard, along with any new ideas you might have for how IATI data can be analysed or made into useful visualisations.

Once you’ve asked a question, you will be sent a confirmation email and a ticket number. You can use your ticket number to track the progress of your question or to chase us for more information.

To get started, you’ll need to quickly register with the site. You’ll then be able to post questions and ideas in the Knowledge Base area. If you want to start a discussion you can post a new topic here too.

The Knowledge Base acts as a complementary manual to the main IATI standard site. Here you can search through news, queries, ideas and discussions relating to the standard. Once questions have been answered in a satisfactory way they will be posted to the Knowledge Base so that others can benefit from queries.

To get a feel for all of this why not visit the Knowledge Base first, where you can browse without having registered.

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