InterAction joins over 300 other organisations by publishing to IATI

Publish What You Fund congratulates InterAction on their first publication to International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI). This is an important step forward for the transparency of U.S. NGOs and represents many years of hard work from our colleagues. InterAction joins over 300 other organizations already publishing to IATI including Plan USA and Publish What You Fund.

As part of their continued commitment to aid transparency InterAction will be publishing to IATI their grants activities on a quarterly basis. This high-quality and timely information will allow U.S. NGOs to see what their colleagues are doing, where and for what purposes. It will also allow partners working in country, at mission offices and Planning and Finance Ministries access to timely and comparable information.

You can read InterAction’s tips for publishing to IATI here and see their data on the IATI Registry here.

Congratulations to all involved in this important effort. 2015 is a critical year and we hope that others feel inspired to follow suit.

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