Join MFAN and the Whole Development Community for an Urgent Action:

Right now, President Obama and his senior advisors are debating the future of U.S. efforts to alleviate poverty, fight disease, and create economic opportunity for the world’s poorest people.


Greater aid transparency is central to delivering on the promise of aid: to empower people in the fight against poverty.  Aid is a scare and precious resource, and to make sure we make the most out of it, recipient countries need to know how much is being spent on what and by whom.  NGOs and recipients countries are not able to coordinate their efforts without comprehensive, comparable, timely and accessible information about aid donors.


National Security Advisor James Jones and National Economic Council Director Lawrence Summers are urgently preparing recommendations for how the whole U.S. government should do development in the 21st century. 


Join the entire development community and sign the first-ever petition asking the White House to make a strong statement about America’s commitment to development.  We need 150,000 signatures to deliver to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue by December 14. 


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