A ‘milestone in the UK’s transparency movement’:’ Where Does My Money Go?’

‘Where Does My Money Go?’ is the exciting new website which breaks down UK government budget expenditure  into clear and accessible sections, so that the figures are easily comparable. Launched in autumn 2009, the project makes data ‘manageable by representing them visually’. Like the iconic London tube map information is best presented and most easily understood through ‘infographics’ – maps, timelines or graphs so people can find, explore, understand and reuse data. At Publish What You Fund we are looking forward to DFID and other UK aid data going on the site, but generally it is a great inspiration.

Those who are interested in this might also keep an eye out for the upcoming ‘Aid Information Challenge’ being held in London at the Guardian, and in Washington D.C. with the World Bank. This series of events will begin next month to bring aid practioners and data technology communities together. Stay tuned for details.

To see the ‘Where Does My Money Go?’ prototype, click here.


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