Obama announces new U.S. Global Development Policy

In his Wednesday 22nd speech to the UN, President Obama announced a new U.S. Global Development Policy. The policy focuses on fostering economic growth and good governance, investment in innovation and research, placing emphasis on sustainable public sectors and the provision of basic services, and holding recipients of U.S. assistance accountable for achieving development results.

The U.S. will implement its new agenda with a focus on ensuring the “coordination of efforts” and setting in place “rigorous procedures to evaluate the impact of policies and programs, report on results and reallocate resources accordingly, incorporate relevant evidence and analysis from other institutions, and inform the policy and budget process.”
Aid transparency will be pivotal in implementing a coordinated and results-based agenda for development. We hope that the U.S. takes this opportunity to show global leadership on aid transparency and realise the full potential of its foreign assistance efforts.

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