Open Budget Survey 2010 released

Today, 19th October sees the release of the International Budget Partnership’s Open Budget Survey 2010.

The Open Budget Survey is the only independent, comparative, and regular measure of budget transparency and accountability around the world. This is an important annual report as the Budget is the most important document a government should disclose.  The 2010 Survey finds that 74 of the 94 countries assessed fail to meet basic standards of transparency and accountability with national budgets.  This opens the door to abuse and inappropriate and inefficient use of public money, including aid. Budget transparency is necessary for aid transparency.

The 2010 Survey also reveals that improvement can, and have happened, in a relatively short time period and in some of most challenging contexts. The first implementation of the Survey in 2006 covered 59 countries, and in 2008 the Survey evaluated 85 countries.

Learn more about the Open Budget Survey.

Visit the Press Room for the
2010 Open Budget Survey Press Release.

Watch the Open Budget Initiative Video.

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