Open Government Plan Open to Comment

A draft of the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MMC)’s Open Government Plan is available for comment until the end of March. The plan outlines how MCC, a U.S. Government development agency, will further increase transparency, participation and collaboration in its work towards a more open approach to government – specifically focussing on foreign assistance.

MCC promotes accountability of aid by advocating for greater transparency, so that the citizens of donor countries are able to see how tax money is being spent. They importantly stress the value of disclosing ‘information that the public can readily use’ and are ‘harnessing new technologies to communicate information about its operations and decisions’.  
From the perspective of Publish What You Fund, transparency of aid information is also a necessary step towards delivering consistent, timely and comparable data that will enable donor harmonisation, and longer-term planning and more sustainable development in recipient countries.
Visit the MCC website or read the draft plan.

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