QuODA ranks countries’ aid effectiveness

Yesterday, Tuesday 5th October, saw the Center for Global Development (CGD), in cooperation with the Brookings Institution, release its “Quality of Official Development Assistance Assessment” (QuODA) report.

QuODA tracks and compares donor programs against four dimensions: Efficiency, helping host governments, reducing the burden on recipients, and transparency and learning. The assessment has analysed the aid quality of 31 donor countries and multilateral agencies and 152 individual development agencies. Results for the U.S. are notably poor, ranking near the bottom on each of the four dimensions.

Brain Atwood, a panellist at the launch of QuODA and former USAID administrator, noted the lack of a common format in the data used. This demonstrates the necessity of “better” aid information for effective evaluation: Data published about aid needs to be in a common format to enable comparability, not only for reports such as QuODA, but also so that donors and recipients can coordinate their development plans.

Explore each country’s performance on QuODA.

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