Save the Children proposes new Millenium Development Goals

Save the Children UK recently published Ending Poverty in Our Generationoutlining their vision to banish worldwide extreme poverty within 20 years. It also proposes new targets to replace the Millennium Development Goals.

One of these goals is that by 2030, governance will be more open, accountable and inclusive. This includes three targets:

  • Transparency: information about policy-making and budgeting must be available to the public in an accessible format.
  • Participation: the public (including marginalised and excluded groups) must have the information, freedom and power to engage in policy-making and budgeting processes.
  • Accountability: the government ensures the effective and equitable provision of public goods and the public are able to hold governments and other actors to account.

The Millennium Development Goals were eight international targets adopted by every UN member state in 2000 with commitments to tackling global problems such as extreme poverty, child deaths and a lack of free education.

Progress has been mixed, with some developing countries on track to achieve all targets and others looking unlikely to meet any. The report says the end of extreme poverty is now in sight because of remarkable progress made in improving the lives of millions over the last two decades.

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