U.S. civil society pushes plans to open the government

The U.S. is on-course to meet many of its open government commitments, according to the latest civil society progress report on the Government’s National Action Plan.

Specifically on foreign assistance transparency, the U.S. has made partial progress. In recent months, that progress seems to be accelerating.

The report notes that “in order for the U.S. government to meet its commitment in the time-frame envisioned, resources must be devoted to improving the quality of aid data from the largest spending foreign assistance agencies.”

Generally, commitments lacking progress also lacked strong collaboration between the Administration and civil society on the issue. In a few cases the situation is unclear; civil society was unaware of any progress and did not know the government leads for those commitments.

This report draws on the expertise and experiences of a wide range of civil society groups engaging on the commitments, and the group will issue progress reports every six months leading up to a final comprehensive evaluation after the December 2015 deadline.

Learn more about that process here, and download the report here.

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