Congratulations to UNICEF, who announced last week that they will become the 29th donor signatory to the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI). They will be the fifth UN agency to become a signatory to IATI, joining UNDP, UNOPS, UN-HABITAT and UNCDF.

Executive Director Anthony Lake made the announcement during the opening remarks of the First Regular Session of the UNICEF Executive Board

“UNICEF also will be joining the World Bank, DFID, the African Development Bank, the European Commission, and others, in the International Aid Transparency Initiative, or IATI. By creating common standards for sharing information about aid flows, IATI should make that information much more accessible to the public.” (Read the full transcript here)

Becoming a signatory of IATI means that UNICEF will join 28 other aid donors in committing to publish information to IATI’s common standard. At present, IATI signatories represent 74% of Official Development Finance[1].

Publish What You Fund looks forward to UNICEF publishing an implementation schedule and subsequently commencing publication to the IATI Registry.

[1] Official data reported to the OECD DAC 2008 – 2009

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