US aid funds to Pakistan: report highlights lack of aid transparency

A report on US Aid to Pakistan has identified the lack of aid transparency as a major factor undermining the effectiveness of US military and development efforts in Pakistan.

The report comes as a first attempt to present “an overview of US aid to Pakistan, evaluate it, and present recommendations on how to ensure that mistakes are not repeated and lessons learned” from its previous lack of aid monitoring and co-ordination in the country.

Until 2009, information on US aid to Pakistan has been either “hidden from the public or released in a form too aggregated to allow for effective public oversight”. High levels of secrecy have led to ineffective aid and the fact that only 10% of total aid was allocated for developmental needs.

The now available information highlights the fact that aid transparency is essential to ensure that funds reach the right people and that aid is as effective as possible.

Access the full report by the Belfer Centre here

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