World Bank makes aid information accessible

The World Bank Group and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) have partnered to make the aid information we have more accessible. Aidflows has mapped aid money as it goes from donor to recipient. This initiative is part of the World Bank’s ongoing efforts to enhance the open access to data and information on development aid.

Although the aid information currently available is patchy and out-of-date, Aidflows provides an important example of the way in which aid information can be made accessible. It is important that while we ask donors to disclose more aid information in a timely, comprehensive and comparable manner, we also look at how that data can be translated into something searchable and meaningful for everyone.

Aidflows shows details on the total aid funding which OECD member countries supply globally, both through their own bilateral and through multilateral delivery channels. The information offered includes data on contributions as a percentage of a donor country’s Gross National Income. Aid data for each donor country are also broken into the granting of debt relief and other uses of development aid.

Examples like this are a valuable demonstration of what will be possible, and all the more useful once donors are disclosing full and timely information on aid.

Visit Aidflows.

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