Publish What You Fund works to make sure that information on aid is transparent, usable and used. Whilst good progress has been made by donors to make their aid and development data available, there is still much work to do. Above all, the quality of that information must improve if governments and civil society in recipient countries are going to be able to use it, as well the donor organisations themselves. Ways that we can contribute to this include helping people to understand better how data is used in particular contexts and for that data to be usable alongside other important sets or pieces of information. Our project work, therefore, aims to find ways to make information easier to use in specific sectors and compatible with other important data-sets.

Joined-up Data Standards

This project aims to help diverse data sets and standards compatible with each other, so that a full picture of budgets and other information is available.

Initiative for Open Ag Funding

This project is supporting donors to publish specific information on their activities to build a fuller picture of agricultural investments worldwide.

US Foreign Assistance

This project is measuring the impact of changes to the US foreign assistance budget through actively using open aid data.