Our Work

We started our campaign for aid transparency in 2008. Since then, most major international donors have published open aid data that is unprecedented in its detail and scope. Our flagship Aid Transparency Index shows how different donors compare in terms of transparency.

Beyond the Index, our work is about understanding and using open aid data. We partner with people in government, civil society and the media to access and use open aid data in specific sectors and countries. We believe that this is essential to making aid and development finance more effective and more accountable. Donors have a responsibility to publish information that is timely, comprehensive and forward-looking, but they also have a responsibility to make sure the information is useful and used.

US Foreign Assistance

This project is measuring the impact of changes to the US foreign assistance budget through actively using open aid data.

Data Use

Our research and project work on using development data for accountability and effectiveness in partner countries.

Joined-up Data Standards

This project ended in December 2017. It aimed to make diverse data sets and standards compatible with each other, to create the fullest picture possible of development information.

Initiative for Open Ag Funding

This project ended in December 2017. It supported donors to publish specific information on their activities to build a fuller picture of agricultural investments worldwide.

IATI Decipher

IATI Decipher is a new browser extension that visualises IATI organisation file data. For the first time, users unable to read xml code can access over 22,300 strategy documents and $2.6 trillion of global donor budget information.


Click here to watch our webinars on open data use.