A call for action and the MDGs

In letters to the Guardian and New Dawn published on Sunday 12 and Monday 13 May respectively, a coalition of transparency organisations ask for transparency, accountability and participation to be prioritised for the 2015 and beyond...

Aid Transparency in ONE’s 2011 DATA Report

ONE’s 2011 DATA Report published today has given its verdict on aid promises made by world leaders in 2005, and sets out what needs to be done to meet the Millennium Development Goals by 2015. In putting the report together, ONE found that “a thorough analysis of...

Aid transparency in advance of the MDG Summit

Publish What You Fund hopes that the MDG Summit in New York  points to improved integration of aid transparency in its strategy for achieving the goals. Some resources relating to aid transparency in the MDGs are collected below, and our analysis of the U.S. MDG Strategy can be read here.

Aid transparency needed for MDG evaluation

On 14th September, Katie Nguyen asked “What have the Millennium Development Goals ever done for us?” Writing on the Reuters Humanitarian site, Alertnet, she acknowledges that although nobody can fault the aim of the MDGs, issues such as poor data have ‘provoked as much doubt as support’.

New U.S. Strategy for meeting the MDGs

Publish What You Fund welcomes the new US strategy for meeting the Millennium Development Goals unveiled on Friday July 30 by Administrator Shah.  We strongly commend Dr. Shah on his continued commitment to aid transparency and applaud his continued efforts in “preserving and accelerating the momentum toward the MDGs”.